Operational Risk

Wentworth Executive performs mid and senior level search within the financial services sector.  We focus upon roles within Operations and Technology and have deep and specific knowledge within risk within both of these areas.  In risk, we manage the careers of operational risk professionals in investment and retail banking and also within wealth management, hedge funds and asset management.

Our candidates vary in seniority; at analyst level, they will analyse requirements and help define and develop enterprise or silo specific risk systems that a fully compliant with their organisation’s models and to comply with any external legal body who might review them.  At senior levels, we represent seasoned global operational and technology risk managers who provide leadership across all divisions of a client organisation, perform constant monitoring and control all functions associated with risk, delivering expert solutions which are fully compliant with regulatory requirements and performance targets.

Wentworth Executive approaches a passive market via its deep and broad network of operational and technology risk professionals.  We seek those candidates that are not ‘in the market’ but who trust us to bring new and exciting opportunities to them when they arise.  In this way, we access a candidate source that very few other recruiters can access and as a consequence of the relationships we have developed, we can help our clients see people that are rare and exceptional within this space.

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